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I don’t care which race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, sex, or what kind of person you are

I will never understand why people want Ridley in Smash

He is literally the only Metroid character, other than Samus, that is worth note, would actually make some sense as a playable character, and wouldn’t be a clone of Samus/have similar moves.

The story of Super Smash Bros, told through interpretive dance.

The story of Super Smash Bros, told through interpretive dance.

New icon… because Greninja.

Am I the only one going through all those released Smash Bros screens and giving some captions? Didn’t think so.

The worst part of Cards Against Humanity is getting all these custom cards… and having no idea what to put on them! 




A character I would love to see in the new Smash Bros but will never happen is Bayonetta.

Nintendo owns the rights now. And Bayo is totally badass, and would wipe all the other characters off the face of the map really quickly. I just love her. She is so awesome


They don’t own the rights. They are funding the game and helping make it but that’s it.

Yea, but it would still be nice to see Bayonetta in Smash Bros. She just seems to fit so perfectly. And there is already a deficit of female characters in that game.

I’m sorry… but no. As much as I love Bayonetta and think her game is awesome. She would not fit in Smash Bros at all. How exactly does a character who is oversexualized to the point of parody… who uses BDSM inspired attacks… who REMOVES HER OWN CLOTHES to summon demons… fit perfectly in a game along side such characters as Mario, Kirby, and Pikachu?


Tony… You have to see this…

I might have to…


I looked up synonyms for Brawl and Melee and I found some good ones for future Smash Bros titles.

Super Smash Bros Clash

Super Smash Bros Feud

Super Smash Bros Riot

Super Smash Bros Scrap

and my personal favorite

Super Smash Bros Brouhaha

Needs more Super Smash Bros Kerfuffle.


Everyone who’s bitching about Samus on this shitty site really needs to stfu.
1 The heels look awesome
2 Be grateful ZSS is even in the game
3 This isn’t anywhere close to the damage Retro caused to Samus in Other M-

Retro didn’t make Other M. If you’re gonna bitch about how bad of a game it is (and don’t get me wrong, it was horrible), the least you could do is get your facts straight.


smash bros spoiler: fox is low-tier

Everyone would still play as him… they’d just ban everyone else.