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Grunt Tony’s Hoenn Conquest (Part 10)

Onward! To steal more Pokemon!

I guess this is were all the Pokemon on this router ar-

GAH! Sand! Can’t see!

Well, I guess I’ll get Pokemon over here than.

… Can’t get that. Time to steal!

Let’s see what you have to offer.

Oh! Yes!

So very yes.

Sorry, Derps. But you’re gonna have to go into the box for a while.

Hey, buddy… get out of the way!

Stop talking about your stupid science experiment and move!

Ehhh… screw those guys. I can catch Pokemon here anyways.

… Ehhh… sure. Whatever.

Probably not gonna use it. But it doesn’t hurt to bolster my numbers.

Now… to figure out where I am.

Let’s see. If I go south from here…

GAH! More sand! South is bad!

I don’t care… just point me to the place where there isn’t sand.

The hell is this… ash? Well, at least I can see where I’m going.

That’s not a thing I can catch.

One of you. Send out something for me to steal.

Oh! Perfect catching chance!

… Am I the only one seeing this shit? I think there might be something in this ash.

But I still got the Claydol. At least… I think I did. I’m gonna have to send some of this ash to the Team Rocket science team for analysis.

Ok… I’m out of there. Need to get away from this stuff.

Great. A town. Now I can rest until whatever the hell is out of my system.



Grunt Tony’s Hoenn Conquest (Part 9)

Ok… I think I’m far enough away from the Nope House. Time to continue onward.

Hi May… once more, let’s cut the crap and go right to the good part.

Hopefully you have some good Pokemon this time.

Ok, good start.

Not that good. But still, your choice of Pokemon has clearly improved.

Where did you get one of those? I want one of those.

Do you have any idea how big of a raise the boss would give me if I gave him something like that?

Oh, look. Your Abra isn’t useless anymore.

See… it actually did some damage.

Well, you’re still not anywhere near my level… but you’ve gotten better. Back to traveling.

Let’s see what we got around here.

Bikes… ok. Those are useful… I should steal one.

A gym… that’s perfect. Hey… it’s that kid. What’s he doing here?

I’m gonna put $500 on “Not good enough”.

Sure… why not?

… Ok. Where’s the hidden camera? This has to be some kind of prank.

You sure did, Captain Obvious. Now get out of my way, there’s a gym leader I need to beat.

I believe there are some very serious safety regulations being violated here.

Your gym almost beat you to it, you nut.

Good thing that’s your first Pokemon and not your last.

Don’t want to be stuck with something I already have as the thing I have to steal.

… Those fuckers explode… it’s gonna explode isn’t it?

Not taking any chances. Operation: Withdraw Spam is go!

Shit! I knew it!

Good news… Operation: Withdraw Spam was a success.

Damn it… another possible exploder.

Good thing that one has a severe allergy to being set on fire.

Final Pokemon… a pissed off monkey.

and that’s another successful steal.

And with that…

I got three badges.



i dont understand why nid is considered to be an annoying champion. dodging her spears is probably the only thing you need to avoid, she’s pretty much useless if she can’t skillshot and activate her passive. 


"How do I hitbox?" -Random LoL dev.

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I was expecting something demonic

Instead I got the most beautiful sound in the world

Sounds like the 80’s ass soundtrack to some action movie.

So… I got an army of Cuccos on my side.
Excuse me while I stand back and laugh maniacally for a while.

So… I got an army of Cuccos on my side.

Excuse me while I stand back and laugh maniacally for a while.

Grunt Tony’s Hoenn Conquest (Part 8)

It looks like I just walked into an idiot convention.

Oh… yeah. What the hell have you been up to?

Oh… free thing.

Really now? Let’s see what we got here…

Oh, you’re right. It does suit me pretty we-…

… Where’d he go?

Great. Here… take this thing so I can be done with this crap.

I don’t care… I have more important stuff to do now.

You can have them… I’m done with this business. But… I’m gonna have to kick your asses anyways… because I don’t like you.

…. Oh man!

I’m keeping this…

Hope you didn’t get too attached.

Yeah… I doubt it.

See… your Pokemon isn’t even half as good as a Bagon.

Again… you can still steal them from this guy. It’s not my problem anymore.

A kid that kicked these guy’s asses… and stole that one’s Bagon.

Well, that’s a surprise. I thought you were all about trees.

So you’re the one in charge? You’re number 1 on my hit list.

… Who? Is there another group of idiots running around that I have to deal with? I bet people in Sinnoh don’t have to deal with this.

… Seriously?

No. That’s stupid. Let me ask you this… with less land… where are all the people gonna live?

You’re just saying that because it only took me 3 seconds to figure out how dumb it was.

I did what now? Whatever… getting the hell out of here.

And catching a new Pokemon.

That’s catch-able.

Not putting him on my team, though.

Well… this is sketchy as hell. Might as well check it out.



Grunt Tony’s Hoenn Conquest (Part 7)

Ok… time to look around this cave for that Stone guy. Steve? Yeah, I think that was it. Steve Stone.

Ok, Lantern. Do your thing.

That’s better. I can actually see.

Now to actually figure out where I’m going.

It sure as hell isn’t that way.

Not this way, either… but free stuff!

Guess I’m going down..

Great… more dark identical cave.

Oh… a rock. This will clearly be vital in my journey.

Up is good… I like going up.

… Well, that makes things easy.

Light! Glorious light! I don’t need this stupid Cleffa anymore!

Oh, hey. What’s in there?

A guy… a guy is in here.

Oh, you’re Steve. I got this thing for you.

Yeah, sure. Some guy gave it to me… I forget who.

Great! I’ll take free stuff.

It’s Steel Wing. I’m probably never gonna use this.

Oh… never thought about that… but that could be a good cover.

Great idea. I should get the hell out of here as well.

Yes. Let’s get off this damn island!

Hate that island. Never going back there.

Ok.. new area. Not even gonna try fishing… just gonna steal something.

After fighting almost every trainer in the area and not finding anything good…

My patients is running thin. That one Pokemon of yours better be something good.

It can set stuff on fire. That’s good enough for me.

That was pretty easy…

I might keep you on my team.

Ok. Now to find the second guy I have to find. Name is “Stern”… I think. Where the hell to look? I mean… it’s not like I’m gonna find a sign with the guy’s name on it.

… This seems too easy. Something has to be up.

I knew it! Have to look somewhere else.

This seems as good a place as any to start.

… The fuck is going on here!?

"Hey, what are you reading?"

"Hey, what are you reading?"



Football is like Dungeons & Dragons. Every 30 minutes of real time is like 2 minutes of game time.